Playstation 3 with coin acceptor



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  • Accept all euro coins
  • Coin acceptor by paytech F20 or Alberici AL05s
  • Lock all joy pads or release all together
  • Timer on the front side
  • Time per coin is configured by dip switches

Dimensions  21Χ12Χ29

Weight 3,5 Κgr



Double Coin
Lock controls two independent way. By the way both players play and pay both Each in its own control
The customer clicks the button on the controller wants to activate and throw money. If not selected the control of the money returned back

Dimensions LxWxH 21x12x29

Weight 3.5 Κgr

Both available with the F20 transducer paytech  or Alberici AL05s






A Coin acceptor  controls 4 joy pads

Each player pays his own control

  • Accepts all currencies

  • Adjustable time for the currency

  • Security for Playstation

  • The game is changing with separate door

  • same key to the fund with the front door but different to change the game. In doing this he is to change the game without seeing the fund



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