Internet cafe station and game station



Ελληνική Σελίδα

It consists of
  • Built in coin acceptor  and an indication of the remaining time
  • Display TFT 20
  • Table
  • Ready for operation.



System futures

Α) Coin acceptor

  • Accept all europe coins
  • The time corresponting currency is planned by the administrator
  • Timer on the display
  • The coin selector is made in europe

Β)  The computer

  • 2 usb connectors at the front
  • switch  ΟΝ -OFF and Reset

Proposed display  Asus 20" wide

The specifications   depending on customer requirements




We sell the housing seperately

Standar base dimensions of mother board, CD and disks


  • One base for  DVD - CD - USB -card reader
  • 2 USB  connectors  at the front 
  • 2 button (on-off και reset)
  • Safe lock
  • 4 empty slot at the back.
  • coin accpeptor, time display
  • one base for HDD 3,5"



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